Solve Marriage Problem

Solve Marriage Problem

Most folks believe that certain events in our life are prewritten, like birth, death, marriage, etc. And, things revolving around these are hugely influenced by our planetary motions. Our life and death, isn't under our control, but who we chose to measure with until death is set by us. Two individuals when enter into a togetherness until eternity, do so with many dreams.

But sometimes , these dreams and their lives are jeopardized by some unfortunate events that make havoc in what should’ve been a peaceful married life for them. Most of the time they blame their differences onto one another , but a couple fail to know what really went wrong.


Presence of incompatible or inauspicious planets, may even cause delayed marriage, short marital life, separation, sometimes even divorce. Constant fights, lack of affection and respect for every other, and lots of other issues happen shattering their beautiful dreams for future, and astrology holds planets liable for this. But worry not, astrology has simple remedies which will assist you fix these love-related problems supporting your zodiac sign.

Love may be a very special gift of life, which must be kept forever and marriage is that fruit of it. but sometimes it happens that some misunderstandings and arguments arise which ultimately cause bitter breakup and therefore the incontrovertible fact that substitute despair. to save lots of the gorgeous relationship of brutal fights and divorce, our Astrologer guru ji shiva nanda ji for Marriage Problem Solution will give special attention and save the wedding with the Astrologer for love marriage problem solution an art which will prolong the negative vibes and absorb the positive energy and joy back again.

It is often found that a wedding or inter-caste marriage, or an interreligious marriage, is obstructed or made unsettled by a minimum of one or more hindrances or obstacles, in any developing or maybe a well-developed country. These disturbances or unsettling factors may relate to non-public , conjugal, familial, social, astrological, educational/occupational, financial, or other matters. Luckily, presently effectively and monetarily accessible are exceptionally compelling and quick acting answers for disentangle or expel every such deterrent, to encourage the event of the predefined marriage. Here, only the astrology-based solutions for all such problems in any of those sorts of marriages are described exclusively to assist the obstructed partners to such marriages residing in countries worldwide. These surefire, marvelous, and benevolent astrological solutions are offered by one among the foremost renowned and best astrologers of the planet , astrologer Guruji shiva nanda ji. His marvelous and life-changing astrological solutions for nearly all life's problems are helping the troubled, obstructed, and frustrated people.

The marriage problems could be:

  • Repeated fight and difference of opinion between the two.
  • Children falling sick fairly often
  • Couples finding it hard to form ends meet
  • Child conception or fertility problems haunting the couples.
  • Ensuing legal disputes among brothers or sisters.
  • Divorce option looming sort of a giant ahead of couples.

Regardless of the character of the matter , our astrologer guru ji shiva nanda ji provides you expert advice which will assist you solve all the wedding problems during a few sittings. it's hard to believe until you experience it. Our astrologer could eliminate all of your troubles in only a few consultations. The primary consultation is going to be life altering. The minute you visit our guruji shiva nanda ji, your life may be changing in many unfathomable ways.

Isn't that amazing? All folks undergo a significant number of problems counting on our past karma . Though it looks like the destiny couldn't be changed, with the assistance of our guru ji shiva nanda ji it might be tweaked.

Our esteemed astrologer guru ji shiva nanda ji would first inspect your horoscope, then dissect the inauspicious times, identify the matter then voila, will serve an appropriate suggestion to prevent the matter from magnifying. we might also remove all the negative energy or the erroneous vastu that's culminating in unavoidable marriage problems. Our guru ji shiva nanda ji would also offer guidelines to wear a specific talisman or place a few articles in your house to fill your life with positivity. Your married life will once more be brimming with infectious laughter and abundant joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common signs that indicate my marriage might be facing problems?

- Changes in communication patterns.

- Increased arguments or conflicts

- Lack of intimacy or emotional connection.

- Feeling distant or disconnected from your partner.

- Persistent feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in the relationship.

How can effective communication help in solving marriage problems?

- Effective communication involves active listening and expressing oneself honestly and respectfully.

- Communicating openly can foster empathy and connection between partners.

- It helps in understanding each other's perspectives and feelings, leading to better problem-solving.

What role does compromise play in resolving marriage issues?

- Compromise is crucial for finding solutions that satisfy both partners' needs and desires.

- It involves making concessions and finding a middle ground rather than insisting on one's own way.

- Healthy compromise strengthens the relationship by promoting cooperation and understanding.

How can we manage conflicts constructively in our marriage?

- Practice patience and avoid escalating conflicts.

- Use "I" statements to express feelings and avoid blaming language.

- Take breaks when emotions run high to cool down and reflect.

- Seek solutions rather than focusing on who is right or wrong.

Is palm reading accurate?

- The accuracy of palm reading varies depending on the skill and intuition of the palm reader. Like any form of divination or interpretation, it is subjective and open to interpretation. Some people find value and meaning in palm reading, while others may be more skeptical.

What role does forgiveness play in healing marital problems?

- Forgiveness allows for letting go of past hurts and resentments.

- It promotes healing and rebuilding trust in the relationship.

- Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting but rather moving forward without holding onto grudges.

How can we reignite the spark in our marriage if it's dwindling?

- Spend quality time together doing activities you both enjoy.

- Communicate openly about your desires and fantasies.

- Surprise each other with gestures of affection and appreciation.

- Seek couples therapy or counseling if needed to address deeper issues.

What should we do if we're unable to resolve marital problems on our own?

- Consider seeking professional help from a marriage counselor or therapist.

- Therapy provides a neutral space to address issues and learn effective communication and problem-solving skills.

- Don't hesitate to reach out for support from friends, family, or support groups

Is it normal to have ups and downs in a marriage?
- Yes, it's normal for marriages to experience periods of both harmony and conflict.

- Challenges can provide opportunities for growth and strengthening the relationship.

- However, consistent unresolved issues may indicate the need for intervention or deeper reflection.

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